Clipper has an FTP server available on where product data, product pictures, atmosphere pictures and much more is available for her partners.

Please ask you Clipper contact person for your login info.

What can you find here?
6 folders:

CLIPPER:/Mijn marketingmaterialen/FTP server print screen.jpg

  1. Images Openingspages_clipper
    Here you can find the atmosphere pictures of the opening pages of our main product groups, as they are also in our catalogue.
  2. PDF files Clipper 
    Our digital catalogue (as PDF) is available in several  languages. Also the print prices pricelists you can find here.
  3. Printproof templates
    This is a section that is mainly relevant for big partners about customized printproof templates.
  4. Product information
    Here you can find product data & product and atmosphere images.

In here, there are 3 sub-folders:
1. Clipper_productdata_new structure (= the product data itself)
2. Documentation (= the explanation how to import this data in excel and in XML)
3. Clipper images (zip) (= low res product and atmosphere– all in a big zip file. Saved as article number. These are exactly the same pictures as on our website. Every day early in the morning this will be updated automatically so it’s always actual.

  • Tip 1: When you want 1 image (product or atmosphere); just download it at our Clipper website. It’s exactly the same as on the FTP.
  • Tip 2: Are you looking for high resolution pictures (for printing)? Please ask these (as article number(s)) at your fixed contact person. We will send you the image(s) via we transfer. 
  • Tip 3: Atmosphere pictures from our Ideas catalogue are also available on this FTP. The image is added with the article number what is on the image. So e.g. 644698, 664698a, 644698b, 644698c

CLIPPER:/Landingpages/Seasonality Summer/FTP Clipper 1.jpg

  • Tip 4: Do you want to include our products in your webshop? We will gladly provide you with all product data and images so we can link this automatically with our product feed to your website / webshop. Ask your regular contact person or account manager if you want this. If you work with sourcing platforms like Promidata or Promocat <fill in your own local platforms here>, you can also find our data there.

5. Summer ideas 2017
All general summer ideas materials are available here (PDF, JPG) in different languages to download. When you want some materials customized (so with your logo/ contact details), please order these via your contact person.

6. Clipper PrintProofInstructions
Do you want to send out print proofs to your customers in your look&feel? This section gives detailed information how to organize this.

Har du frågor eller önskar hjälp, ta kontakt med oss på:

08-505 000 55 (kan kontaktas från 9.00 - 17.00 måndag till fredag)